The Club is an unincorporated multisport members club registered as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) in accordance with CASC Regulations. Overall responsibility for the strategic direction and management of the Club is vested in a General Committee.

Committees elected by each Sports Section have devolved responsibility for the management and control of the affairs of each of the Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, and Squash sections.

The General Committee consists of:

    • The Honorary Secretary.
    • The Honorary Treasurer.
    • Two members nominated by each of the Cricket, Tennis, Hockey and Squash Sections, referred to as Sports Representatives.
    • Up to two members to be elected by the Members of the Club, referred to as Members Representatives.

A Chairman is elected at the first meeting of this Committee.

In addition to the Sports Committees, various advisory committees have been established to make recommendations to the General Committee on various aspects of the Club´s operations and structure. These are:-

  • The Governance Group, headed by our Honorary Secretary David Wills, is working to an expanded brief that includes Rules revision, development of a Club Charter on how the sections operate, CASC and GDPR requirements.
  • The Finance Steering Group, under the chairmanship of Robert Creighton is developing, consulting on and maintaining oversight of the strategy for putting and sustaining the Club’s finances on a sound footing. In consultation with Sports Committees, developing a financial plan, based on achievable business goals, with the aim of eliminating reliance on the AELTC income by 2023/4 and building a significant reserve fund to meet operational and capital expenditure needs. Co-ordinating and overseeing the development of policies and initiatives to achieve the targets in the financial plan (e.g. policies on subscription levels, initiatives to cut costs or generate income). Communicating with and engaging the membership at large in understanding and supporting the Club’s financial situation and its financial strategy.
  • The Systems and Procedures Group, headed by Paul Knowles, is looking at ways to automate more processes to drive economies and efficiencies.
  • The Food and Beverage Group, headed by Jeremy Burnell, is looking at the short and medium term offering for members as soon as we reopen.
  • The Communications Group, headed by Jan Comer, is looking at various ways of communicating with members.
  • The Long-Term Strategic Planning Group, headed by Richard Creed, is looking at the better use of the clubhouse rooms, opportunities for increased facilities for members and plans after the end of the AELTC contract in 2023/4.

The Management of the Club is in the hands of the General Committee who have full powers.  The current General Committee was elected at the AGM on Monday 24th February 2020.

CHAIRMAN - Richard Creed - elected member. (see bio below)


Picture of David Wills

I have been a member of TWC since the spring of 2007 when I joined the cricket section, having moved to London after finishing university the previous summer. After 8 seasons playing third team cricket (winning the league on 7 occasions during a hugely successful period for the club across all teams) I was promoted to the second team and subsequently took over the 2nd XI captaincy in 2016. Having definitely reached the limits of my own cricketing potential, it is great to see so many of the clubs young players coming through and I am sure many will go on to bigger things in the future!

TWC has always been a very welcoming place and is rightly the envy of all visiting teams. It embraces young and old alike – many retired players regularly turn out to support the next generation and the youth programmes are seeing ever more junior players breaking into senior teams. As an amateur sportsman you could not wish for more from a sports club and it is a great privilege to play my small part in it.

TREASURER - Michael Latham

Cricket Secretary - Crispin Lyden-Cowan

Crispin Lyden-Cowan - Honourary Secretary

I have been a member of TWC since 1983, playing Squash and Cricket. Whilst I envy our Premier 1st XI players skills and fitness, the thrill of crossing the boundary as a player or umpire remains as exciting today as it has ever been.

My ambition for Cricket is to help get our youngsters engaged and passionate about our great sport, and involved in our great club. I am also keen to help retain our reputation as one of the top Cricket clubs in England.


Cricket Representative - Tim Carter

A panel of three, presented two interview hurdles to allow me to join Wimbledon CC in 1997. Times have changed! I served as a player in the 1st team until the 150th year in 2004, before stepping down to help behind the scenes. I've been fortunate to serve on the cricket committee and see the club flourish with the pathway of juniors to the senior teams. This is important to me.

Its been a while since playing competitive cricket on a weekly basis and Covid-19 permitting I hope to make my full county debut for Surrey Senior 50+ team in 2020. People who say I should have played county cricket for a living (are generally my mates drinking with me at the bar - they didn't either).

Feel free to buy me a drink - I'll support you with a drink of your choice and an opinion on how TWC can continue to flourish as one functional club.

If you want to check out my work bio see LinkedIn or Twitter @mrtimcarterTim

Hockey President - Annie Breslin

Annie started playing hockey aged 9. Joined WLHC in 1990 and is still playing (and frequenting the bar). Also known as ‘Bres’, she is a midfielder with a keen eye for the ball and not afraid to go in for a tackle.

Hockey Section Roles: President 2010 – Current, 2a’s & 3’s capt (between 1993 and 2011), Junior Hockey Coach (between 1990 and 1997), Manager for Junior Girls U10/11 (Current)

Hockey Chairman - Paul Knowles

I first joined the club in 1993 as a hockey member and occasional visitor to our lovely squash and tennis courts. After the end of my playing days with the first team, and later briefly with the Masters, I got involved with coaching - initially with the juniors and more recently also helping with senior coaching.My love for sport combined with an interest in how sport can help support and develop people in a team environment has increasingly become a big part of my life. I'm now involved on a weekly basis coaching hockey for the club and in 2017, I set-up and now run a charity aimed at using hockey to help young people become more active. As of 2020, the programme has engaged over 6,000 young people in our local community and we work on a weekly basis with around 300 state school children across the borough.I feel very lucky to be part of a team including some incredibly inspiring athletes and dedicated volunteers who are helping our members and local young people develop a positive experience from sport.My professional background is in management consultancy and IT improvement with 20 years experience including having the role of Managing Director for a global FTSE 250 company.

Squash Chairman - Tom Goulden

Originally from Liverpool I moved down to London in 2009 and joined TWC as a squash member. I have played squash since the age of 8, immediately becoming addicted to its’ fast pace nature and physical demands. I played county and team squash through my teens which further grew my love for the game. TWC played an important part in me settling in London quickly as I soon met some great people who are now close friends. I enjoy the great standard of sport that is available for members to watch at the club across the different sections and of course enjoy a drink on the famous balcony on a summers evening.

I am always available to receive comments on how we can continue to move our squash section forward to ensure it remains as one of the top sections in London.

My contact details are -

Squash Hon. Sec. - Jan Comer

Living in Mayfair it was so difficult to get on a squash court. Thankfully we moved out to leafy Wimbledon and to the club, where the courts are the best I have ever played upon. Lucky girl. But it meant I did not get playing until my late 20s. It is a great pleasure to help out and to use my skill sets for what I think is a great cause - helping people to play sport.  I've had an agency career in senior marketing and communications. I love the digital age so much I got an MSc in computer science. We are achieving much. It is really great to be a part of that.

Tennis Representative - Rachel Angel

I have lived in Wimbledon for thirty years and been a member at TWC for about 15. I am a passionate sportsperson, having competed at University level in hockey, athletics and tennis. I also trained as a tennis coach after I had my children! 
I feel Tenis is such a wonderful sport, scientifically proven as the most effective way to stay healthy long term - great for fitness, flexibility, competitiveness and social interaction. 
I am keen to see our membersof all ages and standard being able to enjoy their tennis on our wonderful courts and at the same time feel that they very much belong and are part of this special club.

Tennis Chairman - Colin Geddes

Independent Elected Member - Richard Creed

I joined the Club in 1974, initially playing hockey and rose through the teams to Captain the first eleven. I still occasionally trundle out but mainly on tour.

I played cricket for the club for about 10 years from 1976 playing in all three teams as there were then.

After many lessons from Lesley Charles, our tennis coach, I successfully played my way into the tennis section and played in the mens and mixed doubles competition without great success.

I also played in the squash leagues which were a great way to meet other members.

I have served on many committees and was Hon Treasurer between 1987 to 1995 and Chairman from 1996 to 2005. I was honoured to be made a Vice President in 2007.  Apart from allowing me to enjoy my sports at various levels of competency, the Club has been a source of long lasting and close friendships.

Independent Elected Member - Jonathan Hooper