Adult Tennis Membership

The 2020/2021 membership year runs from 1st May 2020 to 30th April 2021.

Please note that all adult Tennis memberships (Full, Off-Peak, U30 and Student) are currently closed and we are operating waiting lists for these.

If you wish to be considered for adult tennis membership, please complete the short application form by clicking below:

Tennis Waiting List Application Form

Please note that our waiting list is lengthy, with at least a year's waiting time.

Tennis Membership Fees 2020/21

Tennis Membership Category

Annual Subscription Fee

Joining Fee

Full Tennis



Off-Peak Tennis



Under 30 Tennis



Student Tennis



Tennis Associate


Tennis On Hold


*£500 total - £200 paid when joining as a Student and balance of £300 paid when moved to Under 30

For further details regarding low/modest income membership, please contact the Tennis Committee at

* Peak Membership (Monday-Saturday: 7am-10.30pm & Sunday 7am-10.00pm)

* Off Peak Membership (Monday-Friday: 7am-6pm, Saturday 6pm-10.30pm & Sunday 6pm-10.00pm)


Existing Club Members

If you have been an existing member of the Squash, Hockey, Cricket or Gym sections for 3 years or more, then you will receive a discount on the Full/Off-Peak joining fee.